X FACTOR...What's your X ?

So lately I’ve been streaming YouTube and I came across some auditions from X FACTOR, and I think I got a whole new view about this platform. One question that popped up in my mind is “what is x factor”. To an extent I think it’s basically about YOU, so permit to reconstruct the question, ‘what is your x factor’.

My x factor is the seed of greatness in me, it is that burning desire and ability to make a change.
My x factor is what makes me stand out. It is what makes unique and different in the midst of hundreds and thousands. 
There are four major things I think one must imbibe to bring out the x factor that lies within.
INTELLIGENCE, which I simply see as the ability to acquire and assimilate knowledge/information about things.
CREATIVITY, this is simply the ability to rebrand, renew and modify a previously existing thing or just create something new.
INNOVATION, the ability to make a change, to make it happen, to make a difference, to break out of the norm.
The last but not the least, which I consider as the most important, DEDICATION. This is simply one’s devotion, zeal, determination, focus and willingness to make it happen.
Also, never forget the G FACTOR (GOD).
ABILITY is a keyword, which simply means to do.
So rise up to your feet, discover your X FACTOR, show it forth, don’t show it off.

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