A destiny destroyer
A time waster
A dream killer
A betrayal of aspirations
A toxin to the mind
Poisoning the body
Weakening the hands
Of the strongwilled
What a beautiful pain you bring
At the end of your tenure
You reduce the position where one ought to be
From the mountain top to the grass root
What are you ?
Laziness is what you are...

So I took out time to construct that, hope it's nice though.
Anyways I've come to realize that laziness is a big time dream killer, and the funny thing is we don't realize this until the damage is done. Laziness reduces us from where we ought to be, it reduces the level of our life achievements (well speaking from experience).
So I did a little bit of research, I found some causes and how to overcome them...
☆ Lack of will power.
☆ Lack of motivation.
☆ Mindsets and attitudes.
☆ Procastination.
☆ Simple things first.
☆ Step by step.
☆ Make a to do list.
☆ Visualize the benefits of the task/activity.
☆ Remove distractions.
☆ Reward yourself....

The last part is what I love most *reward yourself*...So I do hope thiswas really helpful..

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