My phone has been misbehaving of late, and I'm really rich right now to get another.. So it's been preventing me from posting effectively, then coupled with school's  stress, but I still gotta do what I gotta do...

Couple of days ago I had a really brief chit chat with a friend, we talked on quite a few things (unfortunately I can't remember most of it) , but I vividly do remember our talk about the future, which made me have a flashback about the fear I had about the future, which inspired me to write on it...
Enjoy the read...

When I was much younger, I was so anxious to grow,
So anxious to see what the future holds for me.
So anxious to start and finish schooling,
So anxious to work and earn my own money,
So anxious to give birth and watch my children grow, So anxious to grow old.
But now as I grow and have seen part of my future, I get scared of growing older to see the remaining part.
So now I'm no longer anxious but scared.
Scared of what the future holds for me,
Scared if I'll finish schooling at my desired level
Scared if I'll work and earn my money as much as I wish to,
Scared if I'll give birth and watch my children grow upright,
Scared if I'll grow old to become my children's child.
Yes I'm scared, but I'll never stop working hard To make my future colourful and bright...

So if you scared, like I was, it's high time you wake up, tighten your seat belt, face reality and give your best to get the best out of life...

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