I'm back again..
Always going on break right and not been faithful..
I'm so sorry, but it's not intentional, but hey I'm back..yaaay...
Okay here's what's popping..
Heard about 'nutrition myths' ?
Well if you haven't, you going to NOW...
But I'm just dropping two myths...
MYTH 1 :
Fruits should be eaten on an empty stomach,  if eaten with other foods, it can cause fermentation and rot in the stomach, affecting digestion..

MYTH 2 :
You will get diabetes if you indulge your sweet tooth, that is consuming excess empty calories (sugar) from goodies can lead to obesity, which is an important risk factor to diabetes..

So I'm going to press pause here.. Check out for the post on the remaining MYTHS by tomorrow...
Remember HEALTH is WEALTH (I hope that came out right)... LOL


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