So today is WORLD WATER DAY..
I was meant to post this since, but I got really busy with a whole of things..
Well rather late than never.So here's what I got... Have fun reading..

*EFFECT OF WATER*                 
We Know Water is
       important but never
       knew about the
       Special Times one
       has to drink it.. !

       *Did you  ?*

  Drinking Water at the
       Right Time 
       Maximizes its
       effectiveness on the
       Human Body;

         1 Glass of Water
              after waking up -
              helps to
              activate internal

         1 Glass of Water
              30 Minutes  
              before a Meal -
              helps digestion..

        1 Glass of Water
              before taking a
              Bath  - helps
              lower your blood

        1 Glass of Water
              before going to
              Bed -  avoids
              Stroke  or Heart

      'When someone
       shares something of
       value with you and
       you benefit from  it,
       You have a moral
       obligation to share"

Yes guys, show love and share this information... Practice them as well...

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