So I really do not know whether to call it shorthand or abbreviations..Or probably slangs..Well whichever it is, I feel it's becoming so rampant and sort of annoying..One thing most of us do know is the fact that it has a really high possibility of damaging our written English (spelling)..We know this, yet we still do it..Although some are permittable, but it is now being abused..
So even if it's a must we don't spell out the words in full when we chat or text, I think we should be mindful and limit our use of abbreviations..
Here are some of them :
AMA - Ask Me Anything
AFAIK - As Far As I Know
BRB - Be Right Back
BTAIM - Be that as it may
DM - Direct Message
DFTBA - Don't forget to be awesome
FB - (We know that for sure)
F2F - Face to face
FBF - Flashback Friday
FF - Follow Friday
FYI - For your information
G2G - Got to go
GR8 - Great
HBD -( sure we know what that means,   
              because everyone uses it)
HMB - Hit Me Back
ICYMI - In case you missed it
IDK - I don't know
IDC - I don't care
IG - ( We certainly do know that)
IKR - I know right
ILY - I love you
IMO - In my opinion
JK - Just kidding 
OYO - (If you don't know this, you must be
          sitting on a looong thing....Only used
             in Naija though)   e.t.c.

Well we have all these and so much more.I'm sure you've learnt some, why not share some with us, in the comment box, and you could also leave comment...

What is the meaning of ORLY, QOTD, WDYMBT, and YOLO ?
The winner walks away with an amazing prize..Lovely right ?

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