You are an August visitor,
That comes to take one of us as you go.
You do not bring with you joy or happiness,
but rather seemingly unending flow from our eyes.
You reduce the journey of 80years to 8years, and that of a 100years to 1year..
Happy we should be, but NO because you prepare a war we are not ready to fight.
You are of no gender.
You vist provinces, castles, even huts and holes, and you take with you whosoever you wish, because you are no respecter of anyone....

This is dedicated to all those whom death has snatched away from us, even in this year 2017...May their souls Rest in Perfect Peace...AMEN

You could leave a comment and/or share how you coped with the loss of a loved one...You might be helping someone get over his or hers...

Take care guys...

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